cisCall 201604 Edition: Readme Index

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cisCall, Clinical Sequencing Caller

cisCall is a caller specialized for identifying DNA aberrations in FFPE samples for clinical sequencing.

cisCall contains the following three modules:

  • cisMuton: a caller for SNVs/indels
  • cisFusion: a caller for fusion genes
  • cisCton: a caller for copy number alterations

Notice: cisCall 201604 Edition is obsolete. Please use the latest version.

Getting started

To get started, please read the Quick Start Guide for cisCall first.


See the LICENSE about the license for cisCall.


Data availability

The sequencing data related to the paper,
Kato et al, A computational tool to detect DNA alterations tailored to formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded samples in cancer clinical sequencing, Genome Medicine, Accepted
are available on request via email, cisCall_tech [at mark] (Please replace[at mark]with '@').

Contact information

  • Contact e-mail address: cisCall_tech [at mark] (Please replace[at mark]with '@').